Isabelle Fahy is a violinist and passionate teacher from Sligo, Ireland. She qualified with a first class honours degree (Bachelor of Music in Pedagogy) in 2011, from the Conservatory of Music and Drama in Dublin. She was awarded the “Nuala Levins” trophy for the highest mark in her major of pedagogy.

Since finishing her studies, she has been teaching freelance in different classroom contexts. As well as individual lessons in violin and cello, she has experience teaching and conducting student orchestras and teaching classes of music theory and Kindermusik. She acted as the director of a primary school’s violin programme in Dublin, teaching group violin of up to 30 children per class. Isabelle also conducted the school’s string orchestra and parent orchestra. Since moving to Germany in 2014, Isabelle has continued her teaching career working with various private music schools and teaching privately. In 2016, she received the ‘Qualitätszertifikat zum Musikunterricht‘.  In 2017, she and a colleague founded International Music School, Munich (IMS) and they have been running the music school together since. In addition to teaching violin and cello at IMS, she schedules lessons for 12 teachers and approximately 150 pupils, finalises contracts, organises concerts, exams, holiday camps (International Music Camp) and more. 

Isabelle is also an experienced performer and has performed, occasionally as concert master or soloist, with various orchestras and smaller ensembles in Ireland and in Germany. At present she is a member of the “Symphonisches Ensemble München” and participated in a concert tour of China in November 2016. As well as playing classical music she enjoys experimenting with other musical genres, for example, irish folk music, mexican folk music and pop music. 

Isabelle's lessons

Isabelle is a very passionate teacher and loves working with children of all ages. Her lessons focus on all aspects of music and her aim is to create an open, creative and friendly learning environment for her students. She understands that every student is different, so she combines various teaching methods, including “Colour Strings” and the “Kodály” method, depending on the learning style of her students.

Ensemble work is of great importance during the lessons and consequently, Isabelle often accompanies her students. She is flexible with the choice of repertoire and is open to student requests and preferences. Any student requests are arranged to make sure that the repertoire is at the correct technical and musical level for the student. Isabelle also prepares students for LCM and ABRSM exams.